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En Route gallery

The En Route artwork collection

For art lovers, the En Route lounge is a visual and intellectual treat. The collection of artworks on display has been curated by the award-winning artist, Jana Nicole. Jana has chosen pieces that support the En Route ethos and which are outstanding in their own right.

Enjoy them during your visit, or make them your own to enjoy for ever.

Benjamin Thomas Taylor

A Vocabulary of Ornaments

Benjamin Thomas Taylor is known for his bright, Pop Art inspired landscapes. Fuelled by a sense of joy, his detailed paintings and prints open up hyperreal spaces, crossing from reality into a parallel world of limitless possibility, full of colour and creation. Having studied painting at the University of Brighton, he has since gone on to be represented by a number of galleries both in the UK and internationally.

Carola van Dyke's

Embroidered Yellow Cherry Blossom

Carola van Dyke’s chosen medium is thread, which she uses to explore her fascination with colour, textures, mismatches, layers and light. Her current work focusses on flowers & plants and their preservation, a recurring theme from her earliest experimentation with flower presses as a child, to more recent creations of funerary keepsakes. The multitude of fine ‘marks’ and threads that make up each piece convey a sense of ephemerality that lies in contrast to the permanency that the act of preservation aims to achieve.

Caroline Banks

Energy Dark Ground II, Paint, gesso, ink & copper gold leaf on canvas

Caroline Banks is An Anglo-French artist now based in London after living in Asia for several years. The transference from one form of energy to another is part of the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth. This circularity is a key aspect of her practice, reflecting on the passing of time, connection and confirmation of our place in the world. Influences are drawn from diverse sources including astronomy, quantum mechanics, music, performance and archaeology. Everything is connected in some way to everything else.

Greg Meyer

Title “Take me Home”, Metal and stained Glass sculpture

He creates unique sculptures from different types and alloys of steel, glass, repurposed horse shoes, and other discarded metal objects you might find in most barns or farm yards. The sculptures he creates are inspired by members of the animal kingdom both mythical and real.

Jana Nicole

The Glade, (Awarded the Prix Puvis de Chavanne at the Luxembourg gardens, Paris)

The large scale installation involves intricate botanical collages made up of photographic and hand-drawn images. As imaginative recreations of overground plant life and underground mycelial networks, this is the natural world at its most fascinating.

Lene Bladbjerg


Crafted from hand painted Stanley Knife blades and set into a black gloss frame, the one-off piece is signed and dated by the artist. For her butterfly series, Bladbjerg hand paints the blades of a Stanley Knife with intricate and colourful patterns to recreate the wings of a butterfly, mounting them in perfect symmetry within a heavy black frame. The juxtaposition of gossamer wing against sharp metal is brilliantly expressive, and Bladbjerg’s strong graphic touch lends the series inimitable aesthetic power.

Mark Beattie

White in Black Spiral

Dimmable LED white light & painted copper. Unique sculpture hand signed.

Matt Jukes

Emerge : waves, Acrylic on Canvas

Exploring colour and texture as the layers build over and over again, producing a discussion within the piece. Slowly, a memory of an emotion and a place will emerge, creating a space for dialogue with the viewer where they are invited to explore their own emotions and places.

Richard Berner

The Messenger XL

In The Messenger XL, Berner has crafted his emperor moth from a crowd of tiny figures and faces. A breathtaking work of skill, the piece pushes illustration into fine art and is a wonderful example of Berner’s talent for creating intricate pieces that sing with unexpected detail.

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